Hydraulic force compress for garbage and other waste.

Our waste compactors can be found across the Greater Toronto Area behind supermarkets or some strip malls. They are sealed containers that compress garbage or solid waste by hydraulic force. They come in two different sizes; 20 Cubic Yards Stationary and 30 Cubic Yards Self-contained. The compaction equipment will reduce the number of service calls which is the major component of waste disposal costs, prevent trespassing waste which can be substantial as well as minimize odor and rodent problems.

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Both commercial and industrial waste can be a really big problem. As businesses, we can’t simply discard waste as commercial and industrial companies of the past have been known to do.

The environment is important and we need to do our part to make sure that it’s business owners received through the lifecycle of our products and responsibly take care of anyway sleep. As owners of the company that specializes in junk removal, we feel fortunate that we’re able to do a small part in helping people responsibly take care of their waste. The big picture is all about making the place we live little bit better.

Demolition made simple

We understand that bins are necessary. Bottom line is people need them to move things. Rental of bins make sense. If you own a bin and are not using it, then it is costing you money.

Assuming you haven’t used it very much, once you consider the cost of storage costs and maintenance, purchasing a bin becomes out of reach. Renting bins just makes more sense, you use disposal bin for a short period of time and when it’s all said and done you, you return it. Couldn’t be simpler.

Bin Dimensions

Our Roll-off Service garbage containers are serviced monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, daily. Here are the garbage bin sizes we offer:

20 cubic yards


30 cubic yards


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Available Bin sizes

Our roll-off service garbage containers are serviced monthly, bi-weekly, weekly or daily. Here are the garbage bin sizes we offer: