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Any dumpster bin rental company in Simcoe County can say that they offer the best customer service. But who are you going to trust to deliver on that customer service promise? A new waste bin rental firm with a gimmicky website and a fast-talking chatbot? Or a firm that’s been going and going for over 60 years strong? If you picked “B” in this multiple-choice question, the firm you can trust is WCS.

We got our start in the junk removal business all the way back in 1959. In those days, a person’s word was worth its weight in gold. If you promised to do something, consider it done. If you said you were going to be somewhere at a certain hour, you were there on time no matter the weather. This is the day and age that WCS got our start and it’s the DNA within our bones to this very day.

The community’s first choice for waste bin rentals in Simcoe County

Our service philosophy always was, always is and always will be to provide the highest level of customer service, to live up to the commitments we make and to complete all our jobs and time and professionally. It’s a philosophy we’re able to live by, every day, because we’re a mid-sized waste services company that isn’t too big or too small for our own good.

Our unique size, combined with our vast service footprint, allows us to provide the responsiveness of a smaller firm and the professionalism of a publicly-traded corporate giant. We’ve grown strategically over the years to make sure we can always deliver on our promises and earn priceless customer trust.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. For us, that doesn’t just speak to our service philosophy but also speaks to the way our company is managed. We are still family-owned and operated after all these years and we will always embody that family and friendly character in the way we conduct our business. Our roots have grown, our success has grown, but the apple has never fallen far from our family tree.

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Available Bin sizes

Our roll-off service garbage containers are serviced monthly, bi-weekly, weekly or daily. Here are the garbage bin sizes we offer: