Frequently Asked Questions

Bin Rental pricing is based on the dumpster container size that is required and the type of waste material being disposed of. Please phone us for a free estimate.

We have 4, 8, 14, 20 & 40 cubic yards containers for large construction projects, renovations, home clean-ups, landscaping, demolition, roofing and general junk. For landscaping and smaller clean ups, the smaller mini bins – 4 and 8 cubic yards containers – will generally do.

There are double barn doors at the back of every container which opens and allows material to be directly loaded or brought right into the container. With the same barn doors closed, you have the option of loading over the sides. Waste container bins must never be loaded higher than their bin walls and materials should be evenly distributed for its safe transportation.

You should make sure that we will have clear, safe and easy access to the drop point. If the bin is to be placed on your driveway, there should be at least 15 ft in width for the bins to be safely placed and we always recommend that plywood is placed on the spot where we will drop the bin. This will help prevent scratches to your driveway when we remove the full heavy bin as there might be some movement on the ground as it is lifted and dragged a little before it is fully on the back of the truck. Rental bins that are to be located on public streets require street parking permits.

We accept Visa, Mastercard and certified cheques, money drafts and of course, cash.

The quoted price is for the container to stay up to 7 calendar days before there are any additional charges. If you need the bin for less than 7 days, simply call our dispatch and we will arrange to remove it within 24 hours. Don’t worry, during regular working hours, you will never have to listen to a machine when you call.

Paints, oils, chemicals & solvents, asbestos, oil drums and tanks, gas tanks, all toxic materials, pressurized containers, highly flammable material and explosives.